Mocksville Fire Station

The Mocksville Fire Department began in the late 1800’s when an organized group of town citizens began providing early measures of fire prevention and fire suppression. This included the burning out of chimneys during wet weather, required fireproofing of the blacksmiths shops and the spotting of fires by the towns foot patrol. In 1877, the Town Commissioners investigated the possibility of starting a “bucket company” and a “hook and ladder” but no action was taken. When a fire was discovered, the Courthouse bell rang and the bucket brigade responded to extinguish the fire. In the 1920’s the Town installed a water system and purchased its first Model T fire truck, which operated off hydrant pressure. In 1929 a pump was installed on the fire truck to increase water pressure at the nozzle. In 1941 a Ford Champion Fire Engine was purchased and it was recently refurbished to display the pride and history of the fire department.

Mocksville FD 1941 Ford

Mocksville Fire Department has come a long way since the earlier years. We respond with one pumper, two pumper tankers, one brush truck, one fire support unit, and a 100’ aerial platform. The 100’ aerial platform was purchased to improve our ISO rating and tactical needs on the fire ground. As Mocksville continues to grow so will the demands and needs for fire protection.

Mocksville FD today

The services for our community have grown to include fire education programs for schools and businesses, station tours, smoke detector installations, and emergency medical care. Fourteen Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) provide medical care through the First Responder program. With the increase in call volume and the requirements of annual testing of hydrants and other related fire equipment, Mocksville Fire Department hired part-time employees. The Mocksville Fire Station is staffed Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with a minimum of 2 personnel. Part-time employees work during the week to staff the station, test fire hydrants, perform pre-incident surveys, apparatus and equipment checks, reports, and station maintenance. These employees were hired to free up valuable training time for volunteer members.

Our personnel are the most valuable asset to the operation of the department. The staff and volunteers spend many training and work hours to provide the best service possible to our citizens. Volunteers give up many hours away from their families to serve the community. Through the continued support of our local government, we will strive to provide the best service possible.

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