Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can’t I burn trash or leaves in the Town?
A. Town ordinance prohibits open burning by individuals within the town limits. This is for safety as well as environmental pollution concerns. Limited types of cooking and campfires are allowed with prior approval. Leaf pick-up is available within the town limits.

Q. Why can’t I have a grill on my apartment balcony?
A. Grills must be used more than 10 feet from any structure on the ground floor. They can be used on patios of ground floor units if the grill is 10 feet from the structure.

Q. How can I get a free smoke detector?
A. Just ask. To request a free smoke alarm, contact fire administration at 336-996-4885 or the Fire Marshal’s office at 336-996-7166.

Q. Why does a Mocksville fire truck come to my house for a medical emergency?
A. The Town of Mocksville Fire Department provides for basic life support as first responders. Firefighters are certified as Emergency Medical Technician Defibrillation (EMT-D) and respond to a variety of medical emergencies within the Town. All apparatus carry medical supplies and some have semi-automatic defibrillators to stabilize and resuscitate patients until the arrival of paramedics.

Q. Can you safely plug a “3-prong” electrical plug into a “2-prong” electrical outlet?
A. The two-prong outlet does not have a ground wire in it. Therefore, if you use an adapter and plug in a three-wire cord, whatever you are using is not grounded. You become the ground if something goes wrong with that appliance meaning that the electrical current will pass through your body rather than the ground wire. The National Electrical Code prohibits this activity.

Q. What steps are necessary to become a Mocksville Firefighter?
A. Applications are available at the Mocksville Town Hall. You must be 18 years of age and have a background check completed and returned with application. Go to the recruitment page for more information.

Q. Where can I get a copy of a Fire Incident Report?
A. Call the fire station at 336-751-5782. Tell them which incident you need a report for, including your name, date of the incident and address of the incident.

Q. How can I schedule the fire department to participate in my community event?
A. To request the fire department to participate in your community event or to arrange for a tour of our Headquarters Station, contact the fire department at 336-751-5782. Ask to speak with the duty officer to schedule a date & time.

Q. I keep calling the fire station, why am I not getting an answer?
A. We can be reached at 336-751-5782, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. However, there may be times when no one is available to take your call. You may leave a voice message and calls will be returned as soon as possible. If it is an urgent matter, please hang up and dial 9-1-1.

Q. Who do I call about a fire extinguisher that doesn’t work?
A. Look in the Yellow Pages under fire extinguisher or fire extinguishing systems.

Q. Why do so many fire apparatus respond to a simple incident?
A. Fire Department units are dispatched according to information received the by the 9-1-1 operator. The Mocksville Fire Department thinks overcautiously when they respond to citizens in need of help. In other words, the firefighters are prepared to deal with the worst that could happen. We have learned from experience that it’s better to have too much help than not enough.

Q. Why do I see fire trucks with lights and sirens go through a red light at intersections and then, after they go through, they turn off their lights and slow down?
A. Sometimes several units are dispatched to the same incident. The first unit may have arrived on the scene, assessed the situation and informed the dispatcher that the situation was under control or that a single unit could handle the emergency. All other responding units are cancelled and put back into service, ready to take another call.

Q. Does the fire department fill swimming pools?
A. No. Check the Yellow Pages for a list of companies that provide that service.

Q. Why do I see the fire department flowing water out of fire hydrants every year?
A. ISO requires that the fire department flow each fire hydrant at least twice a year. We try to do this during the time of day and year that causes the least amount of problems. Each hydrant is flowed until the water is clear.

Q. What should I do if my water is dirty after the fire department flows hydrants?
A. If your water is dirty after the fire department flows water in your area, turn on your faucets and let the water run until it becomes clear.